Baby Proofing Services

Safety Matters! Childproofing Services can help you protect your child.

Although you’d like to, you can’t watch your little one every minute of the day. Even a one second distraction is enough time for a child to get into serious trouble. That’s why it is important to make sure your home is as safe as it can be.

Safety Matters! Childproofing and Baby Proofing Services, which entered the market in 1991 as Safe ‘N’ Sound Childproofers, Inc., continues to be the premier childproofing service in the Chicago area. We have become recognized for identifying common causes of child injuries and the best ways to prevent them. This valuable knowledge may one day save your child from serious harm.

The first step toward protecting your child is to arrange for a FREE in-home safety evaluation. There is no risk or obligation. A Safety Matters! expert will look over each room of your home with you, and give you a complete recommendation and estimate. We will show you in writing our installed prices AND our retail prices for each and every item we recommend. You have the choice of having one of our trained installers do the work for you, or you can do the work yourself if you purchase the items from our retail warehouse. You can even choose to have us do some of the work now, and finish up down the road, depending on your child’s development and mobility. The choice is yours!

Normally, we can baby proof your entire home in just a few hours. Many “do-it-yourself” safety items found in stores take hours to put together. If not properly installed, these items can actually pose their own threat to your child. We at Safety Matters! never stop researching the child safety industry to make sure we only use the best products on the market to insure quality and safety.