1. Stove – Use the back burners whenever possible. If you have to use the front burners, make sure to turn the pot handles towards the back of stove. It is common for children to scald themselves with food or boiling water.
  2. Dishwasher – Make sure to point all knives and forks down. Children like to play mom and dad and if the knives are pointed up they can cut them selves.+
  3. Cabinets & Drawers – Move all chemicals up from under sink. Put cabinet & drawer latches on dangerous contents. These include: chemicals, cleaning supplies, baggies and tin foil, breakables, knives, heavy pots and pans, pens, coins and scissors.
  4. Window dressing cords – Make sure cords are out of reach.
  5. Tables & Chairs – If table is in a child – frequented area, pad the edges of the table. Also check under tables and chairs for screws, nails, and sharp tracks, because when the child crawls under and stands up, they can get hurt.
  6. Vents – Some children pull vents covers up. This can be dangerous because of exposed sheet metal and screws, not to mention the things that can be thrown in. You may need to secure them.
  7. Plants – Plants and children don’t mix. Even if the plant is not a poisonous plant, children can choke on the leaves and dirt.
  8. Tall furniture – Anything that is taller than it is wide can, and will, be pulled over by a child. Make sure to attach the furniture to the wall or else block it off.
  9. Fireplaces – Children like to climb in, try to cover or block off in some way. All supplies such as wood, chips, pokers and matches should be put in the closet. Take the key out if it is a gas fireplace. If you have a raised hearth, it’s a good idea to pad the edges.
  10. Doorstops – Kids can pull the little rubber tip off the doorstop and choke on it. Replace with one – piece rubber doorstops.
  11. Glass – All glass pieces, frames, shelves and maybe even tables should be moved.
  12. Pot Pouri – Pot Pouri, nice smelling soups, dried flowers may look good and smell good but they may end up in the child’s mouth and can choke them.
  13. Toilets – Children play in toilets, can destroy toilets, and they also often destroy phones, channel changers, beepers etc… and children drown in toilets. Lock them up with toilet locks.
  14. Bathtubs – Make sure the bottom of the tub is non-slip, also pad the spout and tub edge. A child’s skin burns before ours at 120*. Check the temperature and get use to how it feels. Babies can drown in less than two inches of water and in less than thirty seconds.
  15. Railings – Banisters should not be more than four inches apart or a child can get his or her head stuck or while playing can fall through. If the banisters are more than four inches apart use Plexiglas to make a clear wall.
  16. Gates – Never use a pressure gate at the top of the stairs. If it gives (and it will), the child will get hurt. Use a good installed gate that works like a door.
  17. Windows – Don’t put anything such as a chair under a window. This allows to easy access and children may fall from the window. They’re not trying to jump, it’s always an accident. Also it’s not a good idea to put a bed under a window. Kids jumping on the bed can go through the window.
  18. Throw rugs – Make sure rugs can’t slide. Buy non-slip carpet tape or carpet non-slip mesh.