Safety Matters President Larry Stone has been holding public awareness sessions in various communities to educate parents and caregivers of the hazard posed by common, necessary furniture in their homes such as televisions dressers and bookcases. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes tragedy such as the recent deaths of two Chicagoland children to focus attention on such hazards. Children of many ages can try to climb on, pull down or run into furniture when exploring or playing – it’s natural for them to do so. So, all parents must be prepared by taking very easy and inexpensive steps to secure large items of furniture or televisions to their stands and to the wall. Please see the attached document which spotlights a few products that can be used to eliminate these hazards. If you don’t have them in your home, install today or contact an expert such as Safety Matters Larry Stone to help you identify and remove these hazards. Its one risk you don’t want to take.

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